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Rotary Vacuum Pump

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Rotary Vacuum Pump Renewal RoHS Compliant


Type Middle vacuum ・30L
Model RPV06A-□□
No. of cylinders Twin
Cylinder layout In-line twin
Effective pumping speed
(L/min) (50Hz)
Final vacuum
(Pa abs) (50Hz)
Final vacuum
(kPa G) (50Hz)

Type Low vacuum ・60L Low vacuum ・90L Low vacuum ・120L
Model RPV062-□□ RPV063-90T200 RPV064-120V200
No. of cylinders Twin Triple Quad
Cylinder layout Parallel
Effective pumping speed
(L/min) (50Hz)
60.0 90.0 120.0
Final vacuum
(Pa abs) (50Hz)
Final vacuum
(kPa G) (50Hz)

Applicable size


  Fitting size (mm) Thread size
Vacuum port ø10, ø12, ø16 G3/8
Exhaust port ø10, ø12 G1/4

■RPV062, RPV063

   Fitting size (mm) Thread size
Vacuum port ø10, ø12, ø16 G1/2
Exhaust port ø10, ø12, ø16 G3/8


  Fitting size (mm) Thread size
Vacuum port ø12, ø16 G1/2
Exhaust port ø12, ø16 G3/8

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Rotary vacuum pump with low noise operation, low vibration and high efficiency
The paralleling quadruplet, low vacuum and 120 litter type is newly introduced.

  • Corresponding to energy savingPumping speed per wattage (power consumption) 1W is top level in the industry. --> 1.0/1.2"L/min.)(pumping speed )/W (motor power)" (50/60Hz)
  • Light weight and compactSpecially designed rotor makes space saving possible.
  • Low noise operation and low vibration are realized.Low noise operation and low vibration are realized by balanced design on rotary units.
  • Low heat generationLow heat generation is realized by incorporated forced air cooling system on pump.
    No rotating seal structure by magnet coupling minimizes slide section. Thus, there is no heat generation by the seal.
  • Long service lifeAdaption of super engineering plastic which has self-lubricating and abrasion characteristics and special surface treatment improved durability.
    Steady imperceptible clearance between cylinder and rotor is established and they contribute to contactless design and minimized sliding section.
    Applying magnet coupling drive requires no rotating seal. Thus, no need to worry about maintenance caused by seal abrasion and minimal load to motor axis helps long service life of motor

  • Low generation of dust Lubrication is unnecessary by adoption of the excellent clean vacuum grease for low dust and low volatile.
    Low dust is realized by minimizing the sliding parts. Control of environmental pollution by abrasion powder.
  • Environmental correspondence and safety designCorrespondence to RoHS and CE marking.
  • Variety of optionsNot only a pump but also several kinds of push-in fittings and exhaust cleaners (exhaust mufflers) are prepared.
  • For a pump with a built-in power switch model, just plug-in the power plug in to 100VAC outlet to operate the pump.The single phase 100VAC pump with a built-in power switch is introduced.

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