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Commercial Scent-Sations is an Air Freshener service company.  In addition to servicing air fresheners, we also provide a full line of janitorial supplies.  Our products and services are most commonly used in hotels, Convention Centers, Day-Care Centers, Casinos, Hospitals and Malls.  read more.

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Janitorial Supplies

We provide a wide selection of Restroom products.  Our most popular products include hand soaps and sanitizers, paper products,  hand dryers and urinal screens.

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High Quality Scents

Commercial Scent-Sations is proud to offer the highest quality oil based fragrances and organic blocks.  Brand your business by selecting from our many fragrances and create a scent which your customers will identify with.

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Superior Air Freshener Technology

We offer the latest in technology for air scent delivery.  We offer a wide range of air freshener dispensers.  Select from one of our many dispensing units.

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Superior Service

 Our team of experts will take care of servicing your facility. Our monthly service consists of maintaining the air freshener machines, replacing the batteries for non-electric machines and replacing the fragrance refills. There is nothing for you to maintain!

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More about us

Who we are

We are a full service Air Freshener company that has been in business for over 30 years. We have hundreds of satisfied customers

What we do

We provide air fresheners for multiple uses to the most important companies in the hospitality industry.

Why we do it

Commercial Scent-sations mission is to  provide high quality oil-based liquids, and organic blocks that provides superior performance, and can be tailored to a specific environment.

Where we do it

Commercial Scent-Sations provide air fresheners for multiple uses to the most important companies in the hospitality industry. Hotels, Convention Centers, Hospitals and Malls are some of the most common properties where our products and services used. We service the whole US.

Our Capabilities

Customer Service 99%
Scent Branding 95%
Qualty Commercial Scents 99%