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Ecopiren in polyamide compounds
Ecopiren in highly filled compounds

Polyamides are stiff - crystallizing polymers or so-called engineering plastics, which are widely used in various fields of industry, They are characterized by high strength, stiffness, heat reistance, sliding properties and resistance to corrosion (hydrocarbon solvents). All these properties allow to make of polyamides structural parts, electrical and antifriction products working in high stress and temperature conditions.

It was believed that the use of magnesium hydroxide to give PA flame retardant properties is impossible until recently. Because this compound accelerates degradation of the polymer as PET and PBT, due to their basic properties. Processing temperature of PA is always above 220 °C, which makes the use of an aluminum hydroxide absolutely impossible (it decomposes at 185-190 �C).

Due to the surface treatment of magnesium hydroxide by special chemicals it becomes possible to isolate (-OH) groups and make Ecopiren® flame retardant harmless to the PA with improved strength properties.

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Basic properties of fire resistant polyamide compositions:

Component Recipe 1 (%) Recipe 2 (%) Recipe 3 (%)
Polyamide 6 39 4954
Fiberglass 20 2020
Additives 6 66
Zink Borate 4 44
Antimony Trioxide 4 64
Brominated FR121512
Ecopiren� 3,5N1500
Property Recipe 1 Recipe 2� Recipe 3
Density, kg/m3157015601520
Yield Stress, MPa140141145
Elongation at break, %5,05,25,5
Flexural module, MPa775077207600
Impact strength, kJ/m24040,542
Melting temperature,��C216215213
Deflection temperature 1,8 Mpa,�C�197196194
MFI(250 �C; 2,16 kg), g/10 min181922
Flammability categoryV-0V-0V-2
Smoke emission, %
ASTM D 2843

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