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About Us

Leaders Turned Mentors

Acceleprise was formed by early leaders in some of the world’s largest SaaS companies. Now, we want to help build the next generation.


Three Cities. One Team.

Acceleprise was founded in 2012 in Washington DC by Sean Glass, Allen Gannett, and Collin Gutman in response to a lack of resources for early-stage enterprise technology companies at the time. In late 2014, a group led by Michael Cardamone licensed the Acceleprise brand and moved the accelerator to San Francisco with a new fund and new leadership that included Rowan Trollope (CEO of Five9), Nick Mehta (CEO of Gainsight) and Karen Appleton Page (Early Exec at Box). As noted above, the Acceleprise accelerator program now runs in San Francisco, New York, and Toronto. Sean, Allen, and Collin remain involved as Advisors.

Meet Our Team

Advisory Board

Our Advisors

Each office location has an advisory board of B2B SaaS operators to support – and invest in – Acceleprise startups.

Acceleprise Mentors

Our Mentors

Each office location has a mentor of B2B SaaS operators to support – and coach – Acceleprise startups.

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