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Becoming an IT auditor is a significant milestone, but it is not easy. It requires skill, determination and a lot of practice to get to the level where you can confidently certify your skills and knowledge. It’s also a great career choice if you already have some IT security knowledge, so certifying would be a great move.

The job of looking into the damage of cybercrime activity goes to the cybercrime investigator, who is the super sleuth of computing. If you enjoy drilling down into the details of a problem, you should look at a career as a cybercrime investigator.

If you are the type of person who likes a challenge and has a nose for trouble, you should think about becoming a penetration tester. With penetration testers commanding an average salary of almost $118,000 in the U.S., this is a job that is both interesting and lucrative.

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Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing field with excellent opportunities for career growth and leadership. Information security skills are consistently in high demand among employers, and cybersecurity architects can look forward to a competitive salary.

An exciting career route for an information security professional is that of a cybersecurity consultant. This is an empowering option for a career, but how do you do it?