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Adhesive & Equipment, Inc.
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    We offer a comprehensive selection of hot melt tank systems that address your specific manufacturing needs. See available hot melt glue melters now.  Nordson 2300s, 3000s, Problue 4,7, & 10, and more.

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    Reliable piston-pump adhesive dispensing technology delivers unmatched performance and simple daily operation. Manufacturers worldwide have made Nordson's hot melt equipment the industry standard for reliability. ProBlue hot melt machines deliver greater simplicity, flexibility, and performance.

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    Nordson BM 20 bulk melter series processes adhesives, sealants, and butyls from 20 liter or 5 gallon pails. Many new standard features simplify the daily operation and maintenance - helping to increase your productivity and giving you a competitive advantage. A wide range of options gives you flexibility to customize BM 20 bulk melters for specific production requirements.

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    Liquid adhesive pump systems and pressure containers accommodate a wide range of adhesive viscosities and application pressure requirements. Cold glue pump systems and cold glue application equipment can be configured for low, medium or high pressure and single or multiple adhesive gun outputs. Numerous mounting options are available to facilitate easy integration into new or existing production lines.

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    We carry high quality automated glue guns and dispensing equipment used for hot melt adhesives with product assembly and packaging glue lines. We can custom make any gun for nearly any application. Give us a call today for a free quote on hot melt equipment and parts or if you need technical assistance.

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    Rugged, durable hot melt and liquid adhesive hoses help reduce operating costs and downtime. Precision fabrication and calibration using the highest quality materials increase glue hose service life in even the most difficult manufacturing environments. Multi-layer construction in hot melt glue hoses improves thermal efficiency and operator safety.

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    These hot melt dispensing valves are a compact, modular design and offer reliable and economical service. They are available for every type of pattern requirement no matter how simple or complex. Specific applications include high-speed, non-contact extrusion, ribbon coating, fine-line gluing and swirl-spray. Special and custom configurations are also available.

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    Nordson compatible nozzles provide superior performance through precise bead placement, bead paths and bead widths. Efficient fluid flow and accurate adhesive placement ensure strong seals while eliminating pop-opens and adhesive waste. 

    Nozzles that are available include; single orifice, single orifice right angle, dual orifice, double orifice, button, triple orifice, quad orifice, extended, short/long thread, screw-in, needle, domed circular pattern and taper conversion heads.

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    Viton Replacement O-Rings. We stock nearly all types and sizes of O-Rings related to hot melt adhesive industry. Order in bulk to receive price discounts or give us a call today and we will give you the best deal possible. We deal with adhesive problems so that you can stay focused on your business.

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    Adhesive filters can help with day-to-day operations or routine maintenance. They prevent your systems from clogging up from unwanted materials like burnt char. In order to keep your system running, it is important to check and replace your filters often.

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    We offer a complete line of manufacturers' spare parts and accessories. These accessory kits can be used to customize new hot melt systems or for maintenance and repair of an existing melting unit. This category contains Heaters, RTD Sensors, Thermostats, Cordsets, Fittings, Ceramic Wire Connectors, O-Rings, and more. Questions? Contact us with help finding the exact part you need.