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PortaFab's modular systems are ideal for creating clean rooms for printing applications that provide environmental control from noise, temperature, humidity and particulates. Whether you need a cleanroom to protect expensive printers or wish to contain an entire printing process, we have a solution.


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Complete Customization and Control

All of our printing enclosures can be environmentally controlled to maximize performance by protecting sensitive equipment from harsh surrounding environments.

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Durable Walls and Panels

Our modular wall systems are available in a number of panel finishes including vinyl, painted steel, aluminum, PVC, or a fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) finish to protect against damage or resist stringent cleaning processes.


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Temperature and Noise Control

Our wall systems can also provide acoustical barriers while the panelized roof structures further improve insulation and sound control within the cleanroom enclosure.


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Large or Small Applications

For housing large printing equipment, PortaFab offers a number of extra tall wall systems that can be incorporated into the design of any printing cleanroom enclosure. We can also accommodate oversized roll-up or bi-parting doors to facilitate the movement of large equipment and materials in and out of the cleanroom, if required. 


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The Modular Advantage

The modular nature of our modular cleanroom systems ensures they can be reconfigured and moved with no loss of materials investment. The modular components assemble in a fraction of the time needed for conventional construction and their pre-engineered design means there is little to no on-site fabrication, providing a clean-build alternative over traditional construction.


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Case Studies

CMM Room Mining Equipment, factory office, factory offices, office in factory

Case in Point #1

Our client required the construction of a new office building within their printing warehouse that would serve as both lab space, and an area to hold client demonstrations. The new building would also need a higher ceiling to accommodate the tall equipment that would need to be used inside the building

Using the Series 300 Fire & Sound wall panels, PortaFab provided a unique-looking grey and black industrial office building for their warehouse. The benefits provided:

  • Extra tall ceiling and wide doors to accommodate large equipment.
  • Sound-resistant wall panels to minimize noise from surrounding printing machines
  • Open atmosphere as a result of large surrounding windows
CMM Room Measuring Machine, modular office, modular offices, modular factory office, office in factory, factory office

Case in Point #2

Our client approached PortaFab with the desire to incorporate an environmental enclosure within their warehouse in order to protect expensive printing equipment and processes. After the qualification process, PortaFab then provided our distributor with the lead for this project. The benefits provided:

  • Temperature and humidity controlled & dust-free enclosure to protect high tech equipment and process
  • Increased storage space by adding mezzanine with new offices and storage area
  • Integrated new buildings with existing buildings by matching height and connecting with enclosed catwalk
  • Added laminated glass windows to reduce the noise of the surrounding environment so enclosure can serve as a showroom for potential clients
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