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Logo Unisensor
Drug Residue & Contamination Testing Kits
for Food Diagnostics

Unisensor improves food safety with screening solutions to detect antibiotics, mycotoxins, food fraud in dairy, cereal, honey, feed, meat and seafood industries.

Antibiotics Detection

Our Solutions

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Our Products

Unisensor is a Belgian biotech company

Unisensor was founded with the ambitious aim to better serve the food industry and to protect the consumers.

Since 1997, we have been developing rapid testing solutions for the food security.

Who we are

What makes us different

We have built a strong expertise in the detection of contaminants by means of a unique multiplexing approach.

We meet the needs of farmers, laboratories and industry with tailor-made products that are very easy to use and accessible to everyone.

Our main activity consists in designing advanced and innovative diagnostic tools for this sector.

What we do

Our distribution Network

We have established a worldwide presence through an extensive network of local distributors over 60 countries.

If you wish to distribute Unisensor products in your local networks, we invite you to contact us.


COVID-19: new rapid test marks a world first

Unisensor, Coris BioConcept and Bio-X Diagnostics, three Wallonia-based biotech companies at the forefront of innovation in diagnostics, have joined forces to develop an individual rapid test that marks a world first.