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Retail Stores / Shops

Retail can be a hard business to be in. There is a lot of competition, and any edge you can get matters. While you may sell great products, if no one comes to your store it does not matter. The presentation of your retail buildings exterior is crucial to your retail businesses success. You want a long-lasting, attractive exterior that is low maintenance.

Why Use Epoxy on Your Retail Buildings Exterior

Using epoxies is a great way to create an attractive exterior that lasts a long time. It costs money and interrupts business when you have to do exterior maintenance, so it is to your benefit to find ways to reduce the amount of maintenance required. Epoxies are long lasting and protect your investment.

Where to Use Epoxy on Your Retail Buildings Exterior

You can use it on your walls, sidewalks, planters, and other objects. When you plan your design, there is very little limit to how you can use epoxies to create a better, longer lasting exterior.Sidewalks are a great place to use epoxy. It can be used to fill in cracks if the sidewalk is a little older. It also can be used to paint the sidewalk with for protection or used to create an epoxy/pebble sidewalk that would be gorgeous, easy maintenance, and long lasting.

Epoxy Design Options for Your Retail Building

What style of retail business you run will obviously have a huge impact on your storefront’s design. Fortunately, you can incorporate epoxy into many different design elements. Let’s look at some of them.


First, there are a lot of color options available. Many people are familiar with clear resins, but epoxies are available in any color you might want. This means you can easily paint your exterior in a hue that matches your interior décor and still enjoy all of the protection’s epoxies offer.


Whether you use a polish or not depends on what type of epoxy you are using. For instance, a roll on does not require extra polish, but could benefit from an extra coat if you chose. Using resin to make a countertop or other type of surface looks really good when it has been waxed.


When coating with epoxies, it is important to paint the edges well. If you are pouring resin, make sure the resin coats the edges. You can also build a frame around what you are painting on so that the resin can fill the space and leave a thicker coat on the edges. However, waxing is not necessary unless you just want that extra shine.


Embedding objects is a great way to personalize your business exterior for a great, low maintenance look. Inlays are another way to create a unique look that fits with your company image.

Epoxy Maintenance for Building Exteriors

Maintenance is such a breeze with epoxy. You can wipe it down, pressure wash it, and more. If it is a shiny surface and needs a pick me up, just a little wax and it is back to shining.

Retail Building Exterior Epoxy FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about using epoxy on retail building exteriors.

Do I need to hire a professional to fill in sidewalk cracks?

While you may be able to fill in sidewalk cracks on your own, it is probably best to hire a professional who will be able to determine whether epoxy is the best method to use. Cracks may be too large or may be caused by a structural issue, in which case, other repairs will need to be made before using epoxy.

How do I clean epoxy?

It is easy to clean epoxy. It is better to use less astringent cleaners to keep the epoxy shining longer. You can use cleaners made specifically for epoxy, but oftentimes you can forego expensive cleaners and simply use soap and water.

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