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Feet First® Swine Lameness Prevention

When a sow is lame, it leads to lower feed intake (especially during lactation), decreased reproductive performance and ultimately an early exit from the herd. The Feet First® program, spearheaded by Zinpro Corporation, focuses on swine welfare and helping improve the efficiency of pork production through the identification and prevention of lameness. 

The Feet First program’s recommended product, Availa®Sow from Zinpro Performance Minerals®, contains a unique combination of zinc, manganese and copper specifically formulated to help optimize foot health and reproductive performance of sows, gilts and boars.

Locomotion Scoring

The Feet First® team has developed a locomotion scoring system that uses a simple 0 to 3 scale to assess the severity of lameness in sows.  The locomotion scoring system is based on the observation of sows standing and walking. It is intuitive and easy to learn and implement. Learn more about locomotion scoring sows.


Claw Lesion Identification

The most common claw lesions within a sow herd can vary based on several factors including management, nutrition and genetics. The lesions of greatest concern are those that penetrate the horn wall into the corium of the foot and cause an inflammatory response, since these lesions cause pain and locomotion problems. Learn how to identify the seven most common claw lesions in sows


Claw Trimming Fundamentals

Claw trimming has been shown to benefit sows that experience lameness caused by unequal weight bearing on overgrown toes and dew claws. In addition, correction of existing claw lesions may further benefit sow performance. Watch the Feet First Pig Hoof Trimming video to learn about the five-step technique developed by the Feet First® team — which helps to minimize swine lameness.


Feet First® Chute

Decreasing lameness through the identification, treatment and prevention of painful claw lesions is necessary for the comfort of sows and the productivity of swine operations. The Feet First® Chute, from Zinpro Corporation, provides a safe, stress-free way to easily lift sows and gilts and inspect their feet. Learn more about the Feet First Chute.


The Feet First® Team

Feet First®, from Zinpro, is an international collaboration of researchers, veterinarians and nutritionists whose mission is to further advance the swine industry through the identification and prevention of lameness. We invite you to take a few minutes and meet the Feet First team.

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