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疯狂的交换俱乐部疯狂的交换俱乐部,夫目前犯 爱田奈奈夫目前犯 爱田奈奈

疯狂的交换俱乐部疯狂的交换俱乐部,夫目前犯 爱田奈奈夫目前犯 爱田奈奈

Image: Learning kitchen - pupils cooking
Learning kitchen - Our room concept for home economics

Our study kitchens create the ideal space for culinary enjoyment. In the home economics class, they facilitate group work for preparing, cooking, rinsing and disposal. It is learned a lot about valuable food, practiced finger skills, work processes and above all prepared joyfully delicious food.

Image: Learning kitchen

What makes the Learning Kitchen special?

Your room concept with 1,000 possibilities

Cooking needs precision and creativity. Our Learning Kitchen is perfectly adapted to the specific school requirements, is always planned individually and tailor-made. There are work zones for individual and group work, creative areas are available for spontaneous learning phases.

Guaranteed optimal workflows

Everything goes hand in hand while cooking. In our Learning Kitchen, every drawer and every socket is at the right place, the work areas are ergonomically leveled perfectly for students. For sustainable culinary delights, all materials and fittings are elaborated with extra robust quality.

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  • Large work areas
  • Study and eating area
  • Tasty setting
  • Learning Islands
  • Perfect arrangement
  • Experimenting
  • Extraction

Space for ideas

Let's rock and roll! Our learning kitchens create the perfect space for culinary enjoyment. In home economics lessons, they enable people to work together in groups to prepare food, cook, as well as wash and clean up. The island work stations couldn't be easier to access and offer plenty of space for saucepans, tableware and all cooking utensils.

Image: Learning kitchen with large work areas

Helpful organisation

Group tables with accompanying board systems are the perfect addition for introducing the various topics to be studied in Home Economics lessons. Schoolbag cabinets enable school equipment to be stored away in an organised way and ensure that there are no accidents during cooking lessons.

Image: Learning kitchen with study and eating area

Mmmm, that'll be delicious

The dining area is where the success of the menus is put to the test. In a cosy atmosphere, pupils are not only able to learn together, but samples can also be eaten at the same time. To ensure the required flexibility, we recommend modular multi-purpose tables and chairs.

Image: Learning kitchen with dining area

Cooking with a view

Hohenloher learning kitchens are perfectly designed for group lessons. Each cooking island is equipped with all the features enabling entire menus to be prepared collaboratively. Thanks to the integration of the hobs into the work surfaces, clear cooking lessons are guaranteed.

Image: Learning kitchen with learning islands


Everything is robust and ergonomic here. Electrical appliances, such as ovens, steam cookers or microwaves, are positioned at a height that has been specially adapted for school use, and thus guarantee safe access during cooking and baking activities. Your pupils will be delighted.

Image: Learning kitchen with perfect arrangement

Here we go!

To enable pupils to get their hands on things and experiment in any part of your learning kitchen, we integrate several safety sockets in the work zones. All your pupils have to do is plug in the equipment and off they go!

Image: Pupils experimenting in a learning kitchen

Full steam ahead

Your pupils can cook, bake and roast for all they're worth. Our extractor hoods effectively extract any steam that is generated and convey this to the outside via the room exhaust air system.

Bild: Learning kitchen with extractor hoods
Image: Pupils with teacher learning anatomy of a hen

Where do eggs come from?

New things can be learnt all over Hohenloher learning kitchens. Whether in small groups or with the whole class – our room designs offer enough zones for studying and experimenting in order to pass on knowledge in a practical way.

Image: Pupils having fun while cooking in a learning kitchen

Culinary delights

Cooking takes practice. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. The Hohenloher learning kitchens are perfectly equipped for culinary experiments.

Image: Pupils learning cooking processes in a learning kitchen

Cooking sharpens your brain

There is a recipe for learning in Hohenloher learning kitchens. Knowledge about vitamins and important minerals, the preparation of fruit and vegetables – in addition, team-oriented work is not only fun, but also raises awareness of a balanced and healthy diet.

Inclusion via accessibility details

The areas are already designed with the appropriate clearances to accommodate a wheelchair during the planning stage. Height-adjustable work surfaces and wall units that can be lowered enable people who are sitting down to also access the learning kitchen.

疯狂的交换俱乐部疯狂的交换俱乐部,夫目前犯 爱田奈奈夫目前犯 爱田奈奈 Image: Inclusion - Variable modules
Variable modules
Image: Inclusion - Comfortable working height
Comfortable working height
Image: Inclusion - Easy accessibility of working utensils
Easy accessibility of working utensils
Image: Inclusion - Individual adjustment
Individual adjustment

Making a dough mixture

Image: Pupils making a dough mixture

1.5 kg flour, 1 packet of baking powder, 500 g sugar, 1 kg butter (room temperature)
Step 1:
Mix the flour with the baking powder. If possible, use a bowl – but it also works on a granite work surface.
Step 2:
Form the flour and baking powder into a mound and gradually add all the remaining ingredients on top
Step 3:
Now knead everything into a smooth mixture. It's hard work, if only there is a small bowl to hand!
Step 4:
You win some, you lose some – next time it will definitely work! It's not at all as easy as it looks.

It happens to the details

Image: Storage in the kitchen

Larder units

Larder units offer easy access, a clear overview and optimum use of space for storing cooking supplies, equipment and kitchen accessories. High quality, smooth-opening pull-out units with drawer runners each with three adjustable wire baskets and suspended trays make work easier and provide convenience.

Image: Preparation in the kitchen
Image: Household appliances details

Household appliance

Steam cookers enable the food to be cooked gently and to perfection – the vitamins and minerals are preserved as best as possible. Induction hobs offer very high levels of safety, an energy saving of up to 30%, a quick reaction time when heating up and lowering the temperature, and the hotplates are easy to clean.

Image: Learning kitchen brochure

Do you want to combine cooking and learning?

For more information on our Learning Kitchen, please have a closer look ar our current brochure.