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Why Epoxy Floor Installers Love Our Training Center

More people are wanting epoxy floors installed in their homes, garages, and businesses. This means it is a huge business opportunity for those who know how to install epoxy flooring. But how do you learn to install epoxy flooring? You come to Polished Concrete University! This is also a great place to send employees for them to be thoroughly trained without the worry of them making a mistake on a job you are being paid for. 

Here is why epoxy floor installers love our epoxy training center.

Professional Instruction

Polished Concrete University offers very in-depth instruction. They spend time going over different tools you will need and what their purposes are. They also go over the different types of epoxy, as well as what types you would use in different types of applications. 

Hands-On Experience

Polished Concrete University does not stop its instruction in the classroom. Once it has gone over epoxy basics with you, you have the chance to practice installing real epoxy on a real floor. You get to begin by prepping a concrete slab, an important part of properly installing epoxy. They go over every step you would take on an actual job sight, from moisture testing to crack repairs. They let you try many different products, so you are familiar with them when you use them in your own business. Each day different mini-projects will be completed so you leave with a solid knowledge of installing epoxy.

Beautiful Location

Our epoxy training center believes in the adage that you work hard and you play hard. It is located near the beach in sunny Florida, so you have a chance to go out and relax after your daily instruction. We are near Delray Beach, Atlantic Avenue, Deerfield Beach, and Ft. Lauderdale Beach, meaning you have tons of choices for nightlife and other attractions.

Excellent Follow-Up

Our training center does not just send you on your way and hope for the best; we follow up with you. You can call us any time you are having an issue, and we will help you to troubleshoot the problem. 

Want to get started at Polished Concrete University? You can find out more about the program we offer and how it will benefit you and your team by checking out the Epoxy Training Center.

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