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Rotor Performance Check

Rotor performance check ensures optimal operation. The heart of a Munters desiccant dehumidifier is the desiccant wheel (rotor). A desiccant rotor performance check will monitor variations and irregularities in rotor performance/capacity, enabling corrective actions to be taken.

Visual inspection and detailed diagnostics

The desiccant wheel scheduled maintenance process begins with a thorough visual inspection, followed by a detailed diagnostic check. Inlet and outlet conditions, including temperature, relative humidity and airflow, are measured and entered into Munters’ unique rotor calculation program.


  • Monitoring running performance 
  • Optimizing energy efficiency
  • Appraise and adapt maintenance plans and schedules
  • Predict and avoid critical capacity drops


For more information on our rotor technology, welcome to download our brochure:

Munters Rotor Performance Check

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