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Mezzanine Case Studies

Location: El Monte, CA

Application: Three-wall structure tying in to a mezzanine

Product: OmniFlex Vinyl Fire and Sound

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Location: Clawson, MI

Application: Audio & Visual Lab

Product: OmniFlex Steel Fire & Sound Walls

Benefits Provided:

  • Create a controlled environment for specialized audio and visual equipment
  • Provide a showpiece that utilized NBS Solutions' custom wall coverings for product demonstration
  • Minimize cost on the upper level of the maintenance area by utilizing existing lighting and fire suppression

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Location: Ames, IA

Application: Modular Offices on a Mezzanine

Product: 3” OmniFlex wall system with Modular Wiring Package

Benefits Provided:

  • 3 new offices, each complete with electrical, HVAC, windows and exterior doors
  • Minimized lateral footprint by expanding vertically within production facility
  • Mezzanine design which allowed existing processes to continue underneath
  • Flexibility for future reconfiguration by utilizing modular systems

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modular offices on mezzanine

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Application: Mezzanine Storage and Laboratory Space

Product: OmniFlex Fire and Sound - Gray

Benefits Provided:

  • Expanded vertically by incorporating a mezzanine design.
  • Storage solution adhered to local fire code and did not require expansion of existing facility.
  • Ability to reconfigure layout and adapt to future business changes or expansion.
  • Turnkey solution featuring fire suppression, HVAC, lighting and engineering & building permits.

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mezzanine storage

Client: Waste Management, Inc.

Location: New York

Application: 67" x 10" and 67" x 30' control rooms elevated on 25' high mezzanine

Product: OmniFlex

Benefits Provided:

  • Safe, comfortable work area
  • Installation with minimal disruption

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modular control rooms

Client: Master Lock

Product: OmniFlex (40' x 100')

Benefits Provided:

  • Added space within plant and better view for foreman to monitor activity
  • Provided sound reduction to improve worker productivity
  • Met complex building code requirements within budget

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master lock

Location: Beaverton, OR

Client: NIke

Product: OmniFlex Fire & Sound (14 foot tall)

Benefits Provided:

  • Integrated structure with existing mezzanine to minimize space
  • Saved cost by utilizing existing lighting, ceiling & fire protection
  • Flexible design based on local building codes
  • Ease of future reconfiguration if needed

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modular office on mezzanine

Location: Virginia, US

Application: Military Training Complex

Product: OmniFlex Steel Fire and Sound

Benefits Provided:

  • Support from Distributors to Coordinate Multiple product Lines
  • Variety of indoor enclosures for multiple training scenarios
  • Deployable and Flexibility to modify training area for enhanced training value
  • Integration of non-standard equipment within structure

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modular training complex

Location: Southern, United States

Application: Offices, Conference Room and Classroom on a Mezzanine

Product: OmniFlex Fire and Sound

Benefits Provided:

  • 2-story mezzanine with offices and training areas
  • Financial savings with modular construction
  • Ease of procurement
  • Integration of modular systems with mezzanine manufacturer

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modular facility

Customer: Print and Packaging Manufacturer

Location: Southern CA

Application: Printing process enclosure and office space integrated into mezzanine

Product: OmniFlex (Gray) Fire and Sound

Benefits Provided:

  • Temperature and humidity controlled & dust-free enclosure
  • Increased storage space utilizing mezzanine
  • Integrated new buildings with existing buildings by matching height and enclosed catwalk
  • Incorporated laminated glass windows to reduce noise of surrounding environment

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modular offices on mezzanine

Application: Offices, training and research space

Location: St Charles, MO

Product: OmniFlex Fire & Sound (gray)


  • Allocated new space while minimizing lateral footprint by expanding vertically.
  • Distributor coordinated installation of both office walls and mezzanine.

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Two Story Mezzanine Office